Bassel Zoo

In 1875, the Basel Ornithological Society founded the Basel Zoo to teach the urban population about nature. Initially, the Zoo only contained Alpine animals like boar, deer, elk, and bird of prey; even without exotic wildlife, it was still highly successful in its first year. The Basel Zoo expanded, adding more land and more exhibits with exotic animals such as lions and elephants. In 1956, the Basel Zoo made international zoos after achieving the first zoo-born rhino birth. This event caused a record number of visitors to go to the Zoo that year. The Basel Zoo still plays a significant role in rhino breeding today. Currently, Basel Zoo has several enclosures that host a wide variety of native and exotic animals. Some of the most famous exhibits include the Monkey House, which hosts gorillas; the Rhinoceros, which hosts rhinos; and the Aviary, which contains a wide variety of birds. The Basel Zoo is a popular tourist attraction in Basel and one of the world’s best zoos.