Chateau Bellevue – Austin Woman’S Club

In 1874, the wealthy New Orleanians Harvey and Catherine North built Chateau Bellevue in Austin, Texas. They designed the house in a French Romanesque style with arches, a courtyard, a ballroom, and stained glass windows. However, in 1876, the family lost money in the real estate market, and they were forced to sell the house. In 1892, Major Ira Evans bought it and turned it into a castle by adding a grand entrance and limestone crenulations to the roof. In 1929, the Chateau Bellevue became the Austin Woman’s Club headquarters. The Austin Woman’s Club was founded in 1928, with Mrs. Sam Smith serving as its first president. The Woman’s Club “provide[s] a place for women to gather, learn, and network” while being involved in philanthropic events, such as promoting Austin’s historical areas and providing scholarship assistance to female University of Texas students. As of 2009, the Austin Woman’s Club is active and still using Chateau Bellevue as its headquarters.