Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms are an exhibit of the Imperial War Museum in London, England. This exhibit includes the Cabinet War Rooms, a bunker used by PM Winston Churchill and his cabinet during Blitz in World War II, and the Churchill Museum, which explores the former prime minister’s life and legacy. The Churchill War Rooms contain many artifacts related to Churchill, like his baby rattle and the flag that draped his coffin. The Imperial War Museum uses this exhibit to teach visitors about Churchill’s leadership and how World War II affected British people. One of the most significant aspects of the Churchill War Rooms exhibit is the Cabinet War Rooms. The Cabinet War Rooms was a bunker under Whitehall, which became fully operational only a week before Germany and Great Britain went to war. After World War II began, Churchill and his cabinet met in the War Rooms 115 during the Blitz and Germany’s V2 rocket attacks. Following World War II, the government shut down the Cabinet War Rooms for the first time since the war began. In 1984, the Imperial War Museum began allowing the public to visit this important piece of World War II history. They became a part of the Churchill Museum in 2005.