Dali Museum & Theatre

Salvador Dalí was a Spanish surrealist artist who was born in 1904. After being expelled from art school, Dalí experimented with new artistic styles like surrealism. Even though he was a prominent surrealist artist, the movement’s leader, Andre Benton, expelled Dalí in 1939 for his apolitical stance and Benton’s dislike for Dalí. Following his expulsion, Dalí continued his artistic career and eventually became a world-renowned painter. He died in 1989.The Dalí Museum and Theater opened to the public in 1984 to display Dalí’s work. The museum is located in Figueres, Spain. It contains many of Dalií’s famous works, like the “Lincoln in Dalívison.” Besides this painting, there are over 1,500 art pieces on display in the museum.