Delta Flight Museum: DC-3 Ship 41

The Delta Flight Museum is located in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Delta Airlines headquarters. The museum portrays Delta’s historic aircraft from the company’s founding to the modern-day. Exhibits include the Boeing 747-400, the Spirit of Delta (a Boeing 767), and historical 1920s era airplanes. The Delta Flight Museum also offers visitors an immersive experience with a Boeing 373 flight simulator. One of the most prominent attractions at the Delta Flight Museum is the Dela-Douglas DC03 Ship 41. This airplane first entered service on January 12, 1941, and it flew from Atlanta, Georgia, to Dallas, Texas. Delta upgraded the Ship 41 in the 1950s by increasing its seating capacity from 21 to 25; the airplane was retired in 1958. In the 1990s, Delta reacquired the aircraft and meticulously restored it to its 1940s style with updated avionics. Visitors can tour the DC03 Ship 41 on the first Tuesday of every month.