Downtown Harvard Club Of Boston

The Harvard Club is a private social club located in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1908, 22 Harvard alumni founded the Harvard Club with the annuals dues set at $5. The club grew very quickly; by 1911, it had 1,200 members. Over the next century, the Harvard Club continued to expand and serve its members’ needs, whether that be a place to gather, an officers club during World War I and II, and a place to look for job listings during the Great Depression. In 1976, the Harvard Club purchased the Downtown Clubhouse on the 38th floor of One Federal Street, and it underwent a $2.5 million renovation in 2003. Today, the Downtown Harvard Club of Boston is a place for Harvard graduates to gather, socialize, workout, or eat. It also hosts weddings and other private events. In 2019, the Harvard Club announced its plans to close down the Downtown Harvard Club of Boston. While the other clubhouse will remain open, the downtown location’s rent is too high, and its membership is too low to allow the club to stay open. Instead, they will look for a smaller, more affordable space.