Elmore Court Mansion

In 1262, the English King Henry III granted Guise Family land at Elmore, a small southern English town. The family lived in Elmore for the next several centuries before acquiring the Rendcombe estate in 1638 and the Highnam estate in 1783. In 1794, Berkley Guise (who lived at Rendcombe) inherited the Elmore estate, and he turned it into his party house. Following Berkley’s death, John Guise took over Elmore Court Mansion. For the next couple of centuries, the Elmore Court mansion exemplified a typical aristocratic country home. Today, the Elmore Court Mansion is still in the Guise Family. Instead of being used as an aristocratic mansion, the family uses it as a wedding venue. The Guises rent out the House, Gardens, and the Coach House as possible venues for couples to get married. They (and the wedding guests) can also stay in the house. Prices range from £4000 to £11,500 depending on the day of the week and time of year.