Exploratorium: Perspective Room

The Exploratorium is a science and technology museum located on Pier 15 in San Francisco, California. Frank Oppenheimer (the brother of Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb) built this museum in 1969 as a hands-on way for visitors to learn about science. The museum’s six galleries display over 600 exhibits covering topics and teach visitors about engineering, geography, and psychology. While hands-on science museums typically target children, the Exploratorium is a fun science-learning environment for all ages. One of the museum’s most famous exhibits is the Distortion Room, which teaches visitors about optical illusions. The Distortion Room is an example of Ames room. Ames rooms use different angles and slants to make the room appear square, even though the height varies. This optical illusion causes people to appear bigger or smaller as they move around the Distortion Room.