Formula One: Gordon Murray

Gordon Murray is one of the world’s best automotive engineers and is famous for his Formula 1 race car designs. Murray graduated from Natal Technical College with a mechanical engineering degree in 1964. He then entered automotive racing when he built and raced a sports car in the 1967 National Class in South Africa. In 1969, Murrary moved to the United Kingdom to become the Brabham Formula 1 Team’s Technical Director. After 21 years working in Formula 1, Murray helped establish the McLaren Cars Limited, a race car designing company. In 2005, Murray left McLaren and founded Gordon Murray Design Limited, a leader in automotive design and known for its in-house design, production, and development. In 2017, the 10th anniversary of Gordon Murray Design’s founding, Murray launched a virtual exhibition called “Formula One.” This exhibition uses virtual reality to show “visitors” the forty different race and road cars that Murray produced over his designing career. Visitors can view famous cars like the Piquet, Senna, and BT49C, which won the 1981 World Drivers’ Championship. “Formula One” also allows visitors to virtually sit in the cockpit of some of these famous cars.