Galleri Fineart: Pushwagner

The Galleri Fineart is an art gallery located in Oslo, Norway; it is also the country’s largest art gallery. The Galleri Fineart displays many different kinds of artwork like graphics, photography, drawings, and original works in oils and acrylics. Currently, there are over 9,000 different works of art for sale created by over 500 different artists. Artists whose work is displayed include David Yarrow, Dagger, and Pushwagner. Pushwagner (born Terje Brofos) is an Olso-born artist who began his career as a set-paint for Norwegian state television. He later found fame for his collaboration with author Axel Jensen on the graphic novel Soft City. Some of Pushwagner’s most works include the Galleri Fineart displays include the Jobkill, the Self-Portrait. Pushwagner died on April 24, 2018.