Historic Sydney Town Hall

The Sydney Town Hall is located in Sydney, Australia. This building was constructed to serve as a meeting space, reception area, and local government office. The city government hired architect J.H. Willson originally designed the Town Hall, but he died before construction began. The city council selected Alan Bond to replace Willson. The first stage of construction consisted of building the Vestibule, aldermen’s offices, and the Council Chamber. However, disagreements over the foundation, the financing of the town hall, and multiple changes in the architects slowed down the construction process.In 1883, architect Thomas Sapford began construction on the second stage, which consisted of an extension of the great hall and two external staircases. This stage was completed in 1889. The Sydney Town Hall was built in a unique combination of the Neo-Classical and French Second Empire architectural styles. The first stage incorporates a Classical revival temple façade, which contains columns and high arched windows. The mansard pavilion roof was built in the French Second Empire style. The second stage was also built in a Neo-Classical style, while the roof is French Second Empire. Besides these two styles, the building also incorporates Australian motifs to establish the Sydney Town Hall as an Australian building.