Home Sweet Home Museum

The Home Sweet Home Museum is located in an old lean-to house in East Hampton, New York. English settlers built the saltbox home in 1720. While the exterior is relatively similar to the original design, the museum’s inside has changed significantly. The Home Sweet Home Museum was originally founded 1928 to celebrate the life of John Howard Payne, who was supposedly born at the house. Payne was a famous playwright who wrote the song “Home Sweet Home” in 1823 for one of his operas. While “Home Sweet Home” was not well known at the time, it became a popular song among soldiers during the American Civil War. In 2004, a historical preservation consultant discovered Payne never had any connection to the house. Today, in the name of historical accuracy, the museum displays 18th and 19th antiques and artifacts about the lives of Gustav and Hannah Buek, the owners of the house during the early 20th century.