John Volger House

The John Vogler House is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and highlights daily life in 19th century North Carolina. The house was owned and built by John Vogler, the most talented silversmith in Salem. The home was finally finished in 1918 after the property was bought by Vogler three years earlier. Interestingly, the John Vogler House was the first privately-owned, two story brick house since the construction of the local Samuel Benjamin Vierling House. Inspired by the architecture in Pennsylvania, Vogler chose the style of the home to mimic that of the Federal-style.The home was given to Old Salem, Inc. in 1952. Restoration of the John Vogler House started in 1954, and it was fully recognized as an historical landmark on December 6, 1982. Today, the museum acts as a museum that showcases Vogler artifacts and 70% of the original furniture.