Lemp Mansion

The History of the Lemp Mansion begins with the arrival of John Adam Lemp in 1838 from Eschwege, Germany to St. Louis, Missouri. Originally, a grocer, Lemp realized that lager beer would be a great commodity in America. Soon, he abandoned the grocery business to build a brewery which would become a large success. After his death, Lemp’s son William Lemp became head of the company and further expanded the brewery. By 1870, Lemp was the largest brewery in St. Louis. The Lemp Mansion was purchased by William J. Lemp as a residence and auxiliary brewery office. While the mansion was built in the early 1860s, Lemp used brewery money to turn the home into a Victorian showplace rather than a thirty-three room house. Other than its magnificent exterior and interior, the Lemp Mansion tells the story of William Lemp as well as his successes and downfalls.