Maniniholo Dry Cave

The formation of this natural wonder is estimated to be thousands of years ago. The dry cave was formed due to erosion from waves during a time when the sea level was higher and the ocean hit the base of the cliff. The sand in the cave was brought in during the 1957 Tsunami. However, the importance of the cave in Hawaiian culture can be seen through the numerous legends that surround the natural structure. It is said that the cave was named after the head fisherman of the Menehune. According to legend, the cave was dug out to trap an akua, a supernatural being, who stole the fish that Menehune had left under the cliff. It is also speculated that the cave was used as an escape tunnel for the Menehune when experiencing conflict with Polynesian settlers; the ceiling purposely collapsed, trapping the Polynesian settlers and forming the Maniniholo Dry Cave. Attracting tourists by its beauty and Ancient Hawaiian legends, the Maniniholo Dry caves on Kauai offers visitors a chance to explore and learn about the culture of Hawaii.