Men An Tol

The Men An Tol is a small formation of standing stones in Cornwall, United Kingdom that is connected to various legends and rituals. The Men An Tol is believed to have been created during the Bronze Age, making the formation around 3,500 years old. However, there is little evidence to prove this. The site was first investigated by William Borlase in 1949 who drew a plan of the stone formation. In his drawing, the megaliths were not in a line likey they appear to be today, rather he described Men An Tol to form a 135 degree angle. It is from Borlase that the first legends and rituals are written. The Men An Tol is very important to locals and visitors of the site because of the rituals that are attributed to the site. The holed stone is believed to have healing powers that are connected to back pain and fertility. It is said that if children with rickets or tuberculosis were to pass through the hole, multiple times, then the pain would go away. The Men An Tol has feminine symbolism leading to the belief that aids in fertility and making women pregnant, if seeking childbirth.