Millennium Gate Museum

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Millennium Gate Museum houses the most comprehensive Georgia history museum in the state as well as other exhibits from around the world. The museum gets its name and gate design from Atlanta’s nickname, the Gate City. Atlanta was given the nickname in 1857 when the railroad system was completed because the city represented the gateway from the Atlantic Ocean to the West. The exterior of the museum was built as a 100 foot tall monumental gate that is an imitation of the Arch of Titus. Throughout the various galleries of the museum, the pioneering spirit of Georgia is showcased. According to the museum, its galleries “pay tribute to the classical design and to the civic spirit of Atlanta; the city’s architecture arose during the Classical Revival of the early 19th century. The Millennium Gate Museum preserves the history, culture, and art of Georgia by highlighting each exhibit as a learning experience to appreciate the rich history of Georgia.