Mont Saint-Michel

The Mont-Saint Michel is Benedictine abbey, in the Gothic style, set in a bay between Normandy and Brittany. It is dedicated to the Archangel St Michel including a village surrounding the walls of the abbey. The idea for the mount came from the Bishop Aubert of Avranches in the 8th century, who had claimed that St. Micheal pushed for a building of a church on an island, out of sea. Mont-Saint Michel was founded in 966 and was used as a sanctuary dedicated to the Archangel.The sanctuary was seen as an important place for pilgrimages throughout the Middle Ages, acting as a strong intellectual influence. It is considered a major site of Christian civilization in the Middle Ages since it brought many academic minds and manuscript illuminators. Today, the buildings down the steep village street below cater to tourists by offering numerous experiences such as museums, restaurants, and shops.