Museum Of Glass: Chihuly Bridge Of Glass – The Seaform Pavilion & Crystal Towers

The Chihuly Bridge of Glass was designed by Andersson-Wise Architects to act as an addition to the Museum of Glass. The Bridge acts as a pedestrian bridge to downtown Tacoma. The Chihuly Bridge of Glass crosses over major rail lines and also the Union Station and the State History Museum. The bridge is divided into three installations; the Seaform Pavilion, Crystal Towers, and Venetian Wall. The Bridge of Glass was opened in 2002 as a gift to the city from David ChihulyThe Seaform Pavilion is a glass ceiling and canopy system that showcases thousands of pieces of Chihuly glass from the Seaform and Persian series. The Crystal towers is an art installation by Shihuly that rises 40 feet above the bridge deck and acts as beacons of light. Lastly, the Venetain Wall is an eighty-foot long installation that displays sculptures from Chihuly’s various series, Venetians, Ikebana, and Putti.