Paradise Springs Nature Trail

The Paradise Springs Nature Trail is located in southeastern Wisconsin, and it is a part of the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Paradise Springs embodies the water supply, fertile land, and beautiful views of Waukesha County. The original owner of Paradise Springs was Louis J. Petit, president of Wisconsin National bank and owner of L.J Petit Salt Company. Petit became the owner of the trail in 1927 which led him to introduce entrance pillars, a horse track, golf course, tennis courts, springhouse, and wading pool. Overtime, Paradise Trails welcomed numerous buildings into the area including a two-story hotel and bottling company. Due to the economic and social factors of the time, Paradise Springs fell into dissolution after the effects of the post-Depression and post-World War II world. This caused more focus on amusements in the cities rather than the countryside. Paradise Springs Nature Trail offers a unique view into the past to see what previous owners had invested into the site initially. It is considered a great place to hike in order to experience the natural beauty of abandoned Paradise Springs and Kettle Moraine State Forest.