Pasadena Museum Of History: Ernest Batchelder Exhibit

The Pasadena Museum of History: Ernest Batchelder exhibit showcases european sketches by Ernest Batchelder throughout his time as an artist. Ernest Batchelder was born in New Hampshire in 1875 and taught art at Throop Polytechnic Institute in Pasadena during the early 20th century. Batchelder’s collections were donated to the Pasadena Museum of History by Dr. Robert Winter in 2016. Eventually, the Batchedler family gave the museum their personal collection of family papers from Ernest Batchelder.The first European sketches date back to this first trip abroad in August and early September 1905 in England. Primarily, the sketches depict the area around the Cotswolds. Throughout his travels, Batchelder’s sketches illustrate the various cities that he visited such as Bruges, Ypres, and Paris.The majority of Batchelder’s sketches tend to be of cityscapes and landscapes with a focus on architecture and medieval structures. These surviving sketches show Batchelder’s deep interest in and knowledge of European design and architecture.