Rose Island Lighthouse

The Rose Island Lighthouse was built in 1870 as a result of shipping traffic in the Newport area during the 19th century. The beacon of light is located on the historic Rose Island which consists of wildlife refuge, Fort Hamilton Barracks, and Rose Island Lighthouse. The island was used in the Revolutionary War by British and colonial troops in order to defend Newport. Congress allocated $7,500 worth of funds for a lighthouse that would sit in the middle of the East Passage of Narragansett Bay. The Rose Island Lighthouse acted as a home to keepers and their families for over a hundred years. However, once the Newport Bridge was opened in 1969, the lighthouse was not used and fell into disrepair. Nonetheless, it was the work of volunteers that formed the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation that saved it. The restoration was completed in 1984 to its 1912 appearance with additional installations including water, electricity, and heat. The Rose Island Lighthouse was relit on August 7, 1993 which would continue to be an aid in navigation. The bottom floor of the lighthouse acts as a museum to showcase life during the early 20th century, and the upper floor serves as an apartment for keppers.