Silver City | New Mexico

Silver City, New Mexico was once a region home to Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo settlers for hundreds of years before it was officially founded in 1878. The city sits at an elevation of 6,142 feet with an average temperature of 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Silver City is home to Western New Mexico University which was established in 1893. The Western New Mexico University Museum contains the world’s largest permanent collection of Mimbres pottery. Once the original main street in Silver City, New Mexico, Big Ditch Park has become a beautiful park lined with trees and other vegetation through Downtown Silver City. Big Ditch Park has become a reality because of devastating flooding that has transformed Main Street into a gully. Even as a settlement, the area has been subject to dangerous flooding, specifically one in 1895 and another in 1903. Big Ditch Park was created by locals, but the land was shaped by nature due to the flood waters that carved the ground.