Soviet T-34 Tank

The Soveit T-34 Tank was developed between 1936-1937 with a completed prototype presented in the beginning of 1939. The Soviet tank was put into the series once production started in September 1940, originally mounted with a 76mm gun. Built in Ukraine in the Kharkov Steam-Engine Factory, the T-34 showed promising developments for the Soviety military. The main advantage of the T-34 Tank was its simple design which made mass production as well as repairs easier. These aspects were especially important when it came to military usage. For the time period, it was considered to be the “best tank in the world” and overcame the technological superiority of the Germans during the Great Patriotic War. Compared to German tanks, the T-34 had more powerful cannons, a higher speed, and better sloped armor and welded construction. It proved to be one of the best during Hitler’s launch of Barbarossa, a massive attack on the Soviet Union. The Soviet tank was used by various countries including Algeria, Cuba, Germany, North Korea, and Vietnam.