Subhashok Arts Centre (S.A.C.)

The Subhashok Arts Centre was founded in 2012 by Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri. Angsuvarnsiri is a collector of many decades and a devout supporter of Thai contemporary art. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, the Subhashok Art Centre showcases the work of Thai and Southeast Asian contemporary artists to international visitors.The art center offers a number of art installations from numerous Asian artists. One of them being Akira Ishiguro. Born in Yokohama Kanagawa, Japan, Ishiguro is a self-taught artist who began his career in 2008. His artistic theme delves into the thought of truth and falsehood. Ishiguro’s Marblesque series was originally displayed in 2015. The series captures “metamorphism by heat,” which furthers the marble-generation process.