Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery

The Waldmann Brewery and Wustery is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota and showcases the history of Anton Waldmann and his saloon. Originally, Waldmann’s saloon was opened in 1857. German lager beer became very popular in the 1950s after it was introduced in 1848. Even though it is believed that the saloon had been profitable, its run was short lived when it closed in 1863. The property was purchased by Thomas Manning in 1885. For over six decades, the building was rented out by various people. Tom Schroededr and a team of volunteers, historians, and specialists started restoration on the building in 2012. In 2015, the property was designated as a Heritage Preservation Site by the City of Saint Paul. Soon after, the City Council adopted the Historic Use Variance that permitted the building to be used for its original purpose, German lager beer saloon in 2017.