Wampanoag Homesite Wetu

Located in Historic Patuxet, Massachusetts along the banks of the Eel River, the Wampanoag Homesite depicts how the Wampanoag people lived in the area during the growing season throughout the 17th century. These depictions include the crop planting process, fishing, hunting, gathering herbs, berries, and reeds. One of the main attractions of the Wampanoag Homesite was the wetu homes. The wetu homes were longer, bark-covered homes with three fire pits inside. Each long home includes a garden area with a corn-watch and an outdoor cooking arbor. The staff members of the Wampanoag Homesite are all Native people, who dressed in historically accurate clothing. Plymouth Plantation was founded by history enthusiast and Boston stockbroker Henry Hornblower II in 1947. The plantation housed two English cottages and a fort on Plymouth’s waterfront. The 17th Century English Village was created in 1959, followed by the Wampanoag Homesite in 1973.