Yours Truly, Dining Hall

Yours Truly is an art installation made by Ai Weiwei that works to connect visitors and prisoners. The interactive aspect of the work encourages visitors to write postcards to prisoners that were represented in Trace. Trace was an installation by Ai Weiwei that is representative of individuals who have been imprisoned or exiled because of their actions or affiliations. Visitors were met with 176 colorful portraits, constructed from LEGO bricks, that are laid across the floor. Each portrait symbolized an individual who can relate to the message at hand. The significance of this theme was furthered since the location of the installation is at the New Industries Building at Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California. Ai Weiwei is a Beijing-based artist and activist that combines multiple mediums of art and social criticisms. Yours Truly seeks to remind prisoners that their voices and causes have not been forgotten. The installation allows others to interact and engage in global conversation about the responsibilities that members of the international community share.